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2007, Issue 1
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Tomahee is pleased to present you with the first in our series of electronic newsletters as just one method to keep in contact with our valued clients within the mining industry. Through these newsletters we plan keep you informed on the various ways in which Tomahee delivers a tangible "cut above the rest" service offering.

Through these regular circulations you will be informed about the latest in our approaches, methodologies and often groundbreaking application of technology that we bundle into our service delivery model. These services, backed by our dedicated teams of experts, are available to you as the client to leverage improvement and efficiencies of your processes and systems at a corporate and operational level of your business.

About Tomahee 1
Tomahee in Australia 2
Matching your FMS needs to best technology 3
Converting mine plans to digital format 4
1 About Tomahee
Announcement: Tomahee in Mining Weekly
Our Solution Model:
Announcement: New faces at Tomahee
Tomahee is a dynamic and fast growing company with extensive experience in the mining industry, its processes and related information technology landscape. Tomahee is not only recognised in the industry as subject matter expert consultants but has a proven track record of securing business benefits for their clients through the unique implementation approach and methodologies adopted for the mining industry. In essence we strive towards optimisation through excellence. To complement our consulting services we provide a results-driven project and program management support service to achieve the desired end-state as defined within the scope of work and project milestones. We pride ourselves in the approach we adopt when interacting with our clients as we move through the different life cycle phases of the project.

Face to face interaction with our clients at the operational level of the business allows us to build a strong trust relationship with our clients while effectively extracting the necessary information about the business. We then work closely with our clients to reduce the gaps identified between the current and the desired future state of the business.
2 Tomahee in Australia Our Solution Model
Tomahee is well underway to establish its business model of service offerings in the Australian mining industry. Over recent months we have been hard at work creating a presence within Australia. This included the formal establishing of Tomahee (Australia) as an extension of our company "down under". Strategic discussions with specific role players in the mining space around our consulting services in the Australian market, are picking up substantial momentum.

"The professional and efficient manner in which we deliver tangible results combined with our approach and methodologies around our wheel of core mining services, strongly appeals to those with whom we have been engaged with in discussions" says Wally.
3 Matching your FMS needs to best technology Our Solution Model: Mining Systems
Fleet management systems (FMS) provide a tracking monitoring, managing and controlling functionality with respect to large (major) mobile equipment within the mining environment. These systems that consist of onboard hardware such as hubs (ruggedized-computers) and touch screen panels for driver to control room data transfer, provides business critical operational information about the equipment to relevant role players at the mine. These systems are mainly utilised for surface mining operations. Since Global Positioning Tracking (GPS) is an integral part of tracking the position of this equipment, these systems are also used in the underground environment using a different tracking technology.

Typical business critical information monitored by FMS on a "real time" basis includes the availability, utilisation and efficiencies of the expensive mobile equipment as well as the tracking of the quantity and quality of the material moved from source to destination.

The challenge within the mining industry today is to ensure that FMS, which already require quite a substantial capital investment to the operation, actually provide the specific functionality required by the operations. It is in this area that Tomahee, backed by our skills and operational knowledge of the mining business and related systems, plays an optimising role on behalf of its clients.

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4 Converting mine plans to digital format Our Solution Model: Support Services
Anyone who has manually handled hardcopy mine plans, blueprints and drawings will know how unwieldy they are to store, reference and update. Converting hardcopy plans to a digital format that can then be accessed, using CAD systems, is a specialised and time-consuming process and few mining companies have the in-house resources to make the conversion. Tomahee fills this gap by offering an end-to-end scanning, vectorisation and elevation mapping solution for mine plans.

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